About Us

Roger has had a flair for food and creative cooking since he was nine years old. This love began while watching his mom, Cocotte (Coco), in their kitchen in Queens, NY, as she prepared her infamous hot sauce and Haitian dishes for family and neighborhood friends. For years, people tried to get her to relinquish her recipes, including Roger, to no avail. After years of following Coco around the kitchen,Roger was finally given his answers.

Twenty years later  he is starting Cocotte's Kitchen out of the love an admiration for his mother. Currently, Cocotte's Kitchen is showcasing her unique and flavorful hot sauce, passed down from Coco's twenty-year-old recipe. Cocotte's Kitchen has something to please everyone's pallet.

Roger plans on bringing multiple unique food condiments that are inspired by his family's Haitian culture. Cocotte's Kitchen's recipes are hand crafted and homemade, bringing a flavor profile of mouthwatering goodness that's memorable and loved by all who try it!